Meet Your Spring 2014 Facilitators! 



Julia is cruising into a her post-grad life, with Femsex as a cozy cushion to reality. She finished up her last semester at Cal with a degree in Sociology, a minor in education and her own intersectional radical feminista twist. Julia  hails from the great state of Maine where she enjoys all things knitted, bearded and snowy. After two semesters facilitating Femsex, Julia is stoked to have new femsexies rock her world in a whole new way. You can also find Julia admiring facial piercings, romping around Berkeley in an oversized sweater, contemplating tattoos and nudity, applying for dream jobs in gender equity work, doing silly things in public and day-dreaming about a romantic getaway with Rachel Maddow and Andrea Gibson.  


Hi beauties! My name is Teresa and probably the most important thing you need to know about me is that I love femsex as it has been such a wonderfully transformative journey for me. And that I hate puppies. I really do. I graduated last May of 2013 in the wrong major and would have rather spent my time fishing in Alaska or over using dildos. Rather than wallowing in self-regret in all the things I wished I did in college, I've decided to dedicate the rest of my life to a new found passion in opening up a space and allowing for conversation on issues surrounding sexual violence and assault, sexual health, and consent. As I have been acutely made aware of, such issues are rarely given voice to, despite how pervasive they are to one's identity (strictly speaking from personal experience). I also blessed to have one last semester with femsex before figuring out the rest of my life. It's going to fucking rock. 


Rasa is majoring in Social Welfare and a junior transfer to Cal and is from the DC area. Rasa enjoys waking up early to run, read, cook, music, write, art, and all things morning! Fruits are her favorite food followed by brownies. She looooves talking about all things gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, class, identity, geopolitics, and much more, so strike up a conversation if you see her around campus!


Brenda wears army pants and flip-flops and constantly uses the word "fetch". She is a third year transfer student that is majoring in English. She is infatuated with literature by Gloria Anzaldua, Toni Morrison, and Cherri Moraga. Her other interests include writing, reading, photography, loving, and twerking. Just kidding, she is a terrible dancer and has the worst dry humor. Aside from that, she is fluid, quirky, and hella passionate. On her free time, she watches Mean Girls, any type of “ratchet” reality TV shows, and Dexter. Her journey to achieve happiness is in becoming a positive and influential leader for folks of color in misrepresented communities, while also educating these folks about the construction of heteronormative views and how those interpretations impact their perspectives on marginalized communities in conjunction with their own. This “gender-pushing”, dry humor loving, and movie quoting individual stands for those that have not found their inner voices, the underprivileged youth, the right to love differently, and for her untamed identity. This is her first semester facilitating and she cannot wait to be inspired by all of the beautiful things that y'all have to say.



Nakia is a Junior here at Cal. She is an intended African American studies major with a minor in education. She not only is a Facilitator for this semester but she is also a Theme Program Assistant (TPA) for the Native American Theme Program as well as a Residential Assistant (RA) in unit 1. She is from the most beautiful city in the world San Diego, where the suns always shining. In her spare time she loves to cook, and read amazing books. If she’s not being loud and making jokes she usually can be found in her room, watching movies or on tumblr (yes, she has a little bit of an addiction). Some fun facts about this amazing gal: She has a twin sister and is double jointed.


Casey is in her last semester at Cal, frolicking into reality with a degree in Political Economy and a minor in Gender, Women and sexy studies. Casey loves all things FemSex and is stoked for her fourth semester facilitating. The only thing that gets Casey half as excited as a new semester of femsexiness is the thought of a long walk on the beach with her dream boat, Rachel Maddow. What more could you want in life than a spunky queer woman in a blazer? All dreams aside, she often finds herself wrapped in the warm embrace of GenEq retreats, late night FemSex meetings and endless discussions about identity, sexuality and of course, dildos.  Casey is from Long Island, New York and loves pizza, bagels (not pizza-bagels) and the snow. 


Sophie believes absolutely in the ways community can heal and self-expression can liberate. She returns to FemSex (and Cal) after years away working in the service industry, where she gained perspective, however limited, on sex work and intersectionality. She's a a queer Asian-American womyn, who's lucky to call the LGBT-themed Wilde co-op home, and a fourth-year cognitive science major intrigued by the mind, but mostly she's someone endlessly excited to grow alongside people within community and to foster inclusive and transformative spaces.


Bri will be spending her final semester at Cal being as ridiculous, real, and raucous as possible. As an English major with a minor in Peace and Conflict Studies, she looks forward to the abundant free time she will have after graduation. Bri is fascinated by the construction of language, societal and interpersonal dynamics, and the self. When she isn’t wandering in nature, you can find her in cafés, productively procrastinating with friends. She first became interested in womyn’s empowerment when her mother told her she wasn’t allowed to watch Snow White at the age of five. After performing in the Vagina Monologues last spring, she was swept up in a sea of cunt love. This is her second semester facilitating, and she can’t wait to problematize assumptions, roles, and reality with y’all. Bri is passionate about social justice, travel, poetry, avocados, running, working with children, zaniness, and adventuring. 


Jessica is a third year majoring in Gender and Women’s studies. Jessica’s pronouns are they/their and her/she. She is a member of Gamma Rho Lambda (queer and ally sorority) and hopes to bring her knowledge from that space to her first semester as a Femsex facilitator. Jessica is all about deconstructing binaries and smashing the patriarchy. In their free time, they enjoy crafting, cuddling, Twilight Zone marathons, and vegan baked goods. They spend most of their time having long conversations with their roommates in Feminist Utopia (their apartment). She is thrilled to be a part of the Femsex family and can’t wait to start the new semester!

Ozi is finishing up her second year at Cal and is majoring in Comparative Literature as well as minoring in either Gender Women Studies, LGBT Studies, French Literature, or African American Studies (she is too indecisive to choose yet). When she has free time, she loves to actively pursue her dream of becoming a supermodel, read, eat, and hang out whether it be alone or with friends at new places with gorgeous views. She has a love for all things beautiful such as poetry, photography, nature, or city nights and also loves to get to know people on a deeper, intimate level (conversations are just so much better that way). This is her first semester as a FemSex facilitator and she is extremely excited to be a part of this amazing space where critical, insightful, as well as respectful discussions can be had!