Meet Your Fall 2014 Facilitators! 



Amy is a fourth year English major with a Public Policy minor who loves movies, spoken word, and casual conversations about how power and privilege operate--especially within movies.This is Amy’s first semester facilitating FemSex and she is incredibly excited for the bonding and the conversations and the mutual exchange of knowledge that will be taking place. Amy writes and blogs and records and draws and tries to keep the creative juices flowing, whether that means drawing nudes from weird angles or writing fantastical eroticas which she later tries to emulate unsuccessfully.  Amy is always happy to deconstruct “traditional” gender roles through tiny daily acts of resistance and is currently reading a poetry/fiction anthology called Dismantle which she recommends and is more than willing to lend out.


Nakia is a Senior here at Cal. She is an African American studies major with a minor in education. She not only is a Facilitator for this semester but she is also a Theme Program Assistant (TPA) for the African American Theme Program in unit 1. She is from the most beautiful city in the world San Diego, where the suns always shining. In her spare time she loves to cook, and read amazing books. She is also a huge fan of crop tops and tattoos. In fact, she's probably getting a tattoo while wearing the most belly revealing crop top at this very moment. If she’s not being loud and making jokes she usually can be found in her room, watching movies or on tumblr (yes, she has a little bit of an addiction). Some fun facts about this amazing gal: She has a twin sister and is double jointed. 


Rasa is a Social Welfare major, bicycle enthusiast, and FemSex facilitator. Rasa loves books, brownies, and clean bed sheets. Rasa enjoys reading, learning, and talking about the many topics FemSex covers and many more!


Brenda is a senior at Twerkeley and is majoring in English. She is infatuated with literature by Gloria Anzaldua, feminist authors, and literature that deconstructs perspectives on binaries, gender representation and mental health. Her interests include: writing, reading, photography, loving and quoting Mean Girls or Disney movies on a daily basis. Aside from that, she is fluid, quirky, and hella passionate. She is devoted to becoming a positive and influential leader for people of color in misrepresented communities. She stands for those that have not found their “inner voices”, the underprivileged youth, the right to love differently, and for her untamed identity. This is her second semester facilitating and she cannot wait to be inspired by all of the beautiful things that y’all have to say. 


Lilah is a fourth year studying Forestry and Geography. On top of facilitating FemSex, Lilah is also a cook, a mushroom forager, a dog enthusiast, and President of the Cal Forestry Club. Lilah is usually on a field trip, but on the rare weekend when they're in town, you can find Lilah exploring the Bay's culinary offerings or reading about landscape geography or watering plants. On occasion, Lilah also tries to behave like a badass by drop-starting chainsaws and swinging axes at things. This is Lilah's first semester facilitating FemSex and they are already so inspired by the thoughtfulness and beauty of the program, its curriculum, and its members.


Benji Delgadillo is currently studying Gender and Women’s Studies at University of California, Berkeley. Over the past year and a half, Benji has served as the Volunteer Development Associate at Transgender Law Center. At school, Benji works at the Multicultural Community Center, and is co-founder of Trans*Action, an activism group working to increase equity, inclusion, and awareness of transgender and gender non-conforming identified students on campus. In his spare time, Benji is an artist, engaging in cultural resistance through textile arts, drag performance, photography, cooking, and brujería. Benji's favorite activities are farting in public as a means of decolonization, fighting the man, and hanging out with his Chihuahua, Chopper and Selkirk Rex, Moonbeam.  


Sophie is a die-hard idealist with visions of QPOC tiny-house-complete-with-urban-farm villages in the industrial heart of urban landscapes. She dabbles in spoken word, juggling, and Eastern spirituality, and strives to create more spaces for and interactions marked by authenticity, curiosity, and optimism.


Nidhi is a work in progress.  Above all, she loves sleeping in on Saturday mornings so she can think about life and happiness. This is her first year facilitating and she is incredibly excited to mess up so she can do a better job later. And if you absolutely must know the technical details, Nidhi is a junior studying Chemistry with a minor in Global Poverty and Practice. She was born and raised in the Bay Area. And I hope you think she’s really cool. 



Ozichi, also known as Ozi around campus, is a third year at Cal and is double majoring in Comparative Literature and Ethnic Studies. When she has free time, she loves to actively pursue her dream of becoming a supermodel, read, eat, and hang out whether it be alone or with friends at new places with gorgeous views. She has a love for all things beautiful such as poetry, photography, nature, or city nights and also loves to get to know people on a deeper, intimate level (conversations are just so much better that way). This is her second semester as a FemSex facilitator and she is extremely excited to once again be a part of this amazing space where critical, insightful, as well as respectful discussions can be had!