Meet Your Spring 2015 Facilitators! 


Sha Quasha

Sha Quasha is a junior majoring in American Studies with an emphasis on Cognition and Brain Behavior. She is extremely passionate about helping others and being a positive presence in people's lives. In her spare time,


Sha Quasha loves to hang out with her friends, watch Netflix and eat! She also enjoys getting in tune with the awesomeness of the universe,  connecting with amazing energies and learning from new experiences. She can't wait to share herself and create beautiful memories with you all! 


Nakia is a Senior here at Cal. She is an African American studies major with a minor in education. She not only is a Facilitator for this semester but she is also a Theme Program Assistant (TPA) for the African American Theme Program in unit 1. She is from the most beautiful city in the world San Diego, where the suns always shining. In her spare time she loves to cook, and read amazing books. She is also a huge fan of crop tops and tattoos. In fact, she's probably getting a tattoo while wearing the most belly revealing crop top at this very moment. If she’s not being loud and making jokes she usually can be found in her room, watching movies or on tumblr (yes, she has a little bit of an addiction). Some fun facts about this amazing gal: She has a twin sister and is double jointed. 


Rasa is a fourth year, Social Welfare major at Cal and a lover of book, prints, and bikes.


Brenda is a senior at Berkeley and is majoring in English. She is infatuated with literature by Gloria Anzaldua and literature that deconstructs perspectives on binaries, gender representation and mental health. Her interests include: writing, reading, photography, loving and quoting Mean Girls or Disney movies on a daily basis. Aside from that, she is fluid, quirky, and hella passionate. She is devoted to becoming a positive and influential leader for people of color in misrepresented communities. She stands for those that have not found their “inner voices”, the underprivileged youth, the right to love differently, and for her untamed identity. This is her third and last semester facilitating and she cannot wait to be inspired by all of the beautiful things that y’all have to say. 


This is Lilah's second semester facilitating FemSex. A fourth year Forestry and Geography double major, Lilah spends a lot of time outside and looking at maps. Lilah's accomplishments include being an excellent parallel parker, knowing the secrets to opening very tightly-sealed jars, and delivering a ~killer~ speech at South Eugene High School's 2011 graduation ceremony. Lilah doesn't like to think too far in advance, but their near-future goals include writing a thesis on witchcraft, special-ordering a whole pastrami from Katz's Deli in NYC, and finding a job at a bakery to fuel their addiction to wheat and butter. Lilah isn't gluten free - rather, they're a strong proponent of free gluten. #freegluten


Karla is a third year at Cal and is double majoring in Political Science and Chicano Studies and is minoring in African American Studies. This will be her first year facilitating FemSex and couldn't be more excited! In her free time she likes to find quiet spaces to do yoga and meditate or read a good book. She has a passion for fighting for people's rights and equality, through education and love. She loves chocolate anything and everything and can never say no to a cup of tea accompanied with good conversation. 

Ariel or Ale

Ariel (in spanish, not like the mermaid) is a first generation college student. They also like to be called Ale (not the alcoholic drink). When not pretending to work hard on his English/Sociology double major, he likes to hang around until someone offers him food. They once took a nap in a tree and are extremely proud that they did not fall. Also, they hella love chile. La comida sabe major with the flavors of home.


Nidhi’s name rhymes with kitty and titty, two of Nidhi’s favorite things. This is her second semester facilitating and it’s about to go down.  She loves sleeping, masturbating, and most other things that involve lying down.  And if you absolutely must know the boring details, Nidhi is a junior studying MCB with a minor in Global Poverty and Practice. She was born and raised in the Bay Area. And I hope you think she’s really cool.


Holly is a fourth year student majoring in English. While this is far from a comprehensive list of Holly's interests, currently some of their interests include exploring different creative writing mediums, lurking on Twitter and Instagram, worshipping critical feminist theorists like bell hooks, Dean Spade, and Donna Haraway, using emojis to make better puns, and having conversations about all these topics. 



Hey lovelies! Ozichi, also known as Ozi around campus, is a third year at Cal and is double majoring in Comparative Literature and Ethnic Studies. When she has free time, she loves to actively pursue her dream of becoming a supermodel, read, eat, write, draw, daydream, and hang out whether it be alone or with friends at new places with gorgeous views. She has a love for all things beautiful such as poetry, photography, nature, or city nights and also loves to get to know people on a deeper, intimate level (conversations are just so much better that way). This is her third semester as a FemSex facilitator and she is extremely excited to once again be a part of this amazing space where critical, insightful, as well as respectful discussions can be had!