FemSex: A Community Space to Critically Explore 
Sexuality, Identity and Empowerment

FemSex is a student-facilitated 
DeCal (Democratic Education at Cal) course started at UC Berkeley in 1993. The program has now spread throughout the world, but this site pertains to the UC Berkeley class.

The purpose of FemSex is to create a safe space that encourages and facilitates the ability of students to learn about their bodies, explore their boundaries, desires, experiences and expand their understanding of power and privilege. Topics in class are designed to raise consciousness about: anatomy and physiology, the influence of social hierarchies in all reproductive choices, solo sex, partner sex, orgasm, sex work, communication, consent, relationships, gender/sex based violence, and empowerment. FemSex promotes an environment of self-love and hopes to create empowerment through knowledge using group discussion, readings, analysis, guest speakers, films, and writings.

FemSex challenges students by exposing them to diverse opinions and experiences different from their own.  It is our hope that individuals leave the class with a newfound sense of empowerment and a greater understanding of how power and privilege are expressed in the world around us.

We strongly believe that everyone stands to gain something from FemSex and can contribute to the space, so we encourage folks of ALL identities to apply.

REACH US at femsexyfacs {at} gmail.com

FIND US on the DeCal website


We are thrilled about our 
Spring 2014 Classes!

Femsex classes this semester:
MW 4-6 (Julia Springer & Nakia Woods)
MW 6-8 (Teresa Le & Jessica Bazzini)
TuTh 4-6 (Casey English & Brenda Lopez)
TuTh 6-8 (Sophie Lee & Ozi Emeziem)
TuTh 5-7 (Bri O'leary & Rasa Ostad)

Facilitator Applications are Now Open!!
Apply to be a facilitator by filling out the below application. Applications are due in the Gender Equity Resource Center on Thursday, May 1st by 3pm. We can't wait to hear from you! 
As always, contact femsexfacs@gmail.com


Facilitator Application Guidelines

Spring 2014

Thank you for expressing an interest in facilitating FemSex.  Being a facilitator can be an amazing experience, however it requires an incredible level of commitment of roughly 15- 20 hrs per week (unpaid).  We are anticipating a large number of applicants, but we have a limited number of positions available. In order for us to select a truly diverse group of facilitators, we ask that you present yourself openly and honestly: emphasizing what strengths you possess, and what you can bring to the group and to the curriculum. Please contact a current facilitator if you have any questions.  Good luck with the application process and thank you so much for applying!

Responsibilities for Facilitating FemSex (15-20 hrs/week)

Please take note before applying: The facilitator position does not consist merely of in-class facilitation.  This is also a demanding administrative role that keeps the entire FemSex program afloat.

During the Semester You Will:

  • Attend 2 hour weekly planning meetings

  • Schedule and attend guest speakers

  • Read journals

  • Read/write on student assignments

  • Prepare class lesson plans

  • Self prepare for facilitation topics

  • Facilitate facilitator meetings

  • Attend occasional workshops for within the facilitator group

  • Create new assignments and events

  • Meet with your co-facilitator before and after class.

  • Get materials for class, including photocopies and audio visual equipment

  • Host periodic class field trips

  • Plan, organize, and execute Extravaganza

  • Attend facilitator weekend training retreat

  • Attend a GenEq retreat

  • Meet at the beginning of the semester with Billy, Cici or Marisa at GenEq

  • Meet/collaborate with our faculty sponsor and the IB department

  • Work on large semester-long FemSex projects

  • Check and respond to student and facilitator emails every day

  • And, of course, 4+ hours a week of actual class time!

During Summer/Winter Break You Will:

  • Revise the reader; research new articles, removing and updating outdated info, total revamp

  • Revise the syllabus, including content, assignments.

  • Reach out to new guest speakers

  • Attend planning meetings for the future of FemSex

  • Work with the bureaucracy to get DeCal and University paperwork filled out.

  • Three (3) days of facilitator trainings and workshops.

  • Meeting with our faculty sponsor

  • Flyering at beginning of the semester

  • Prepare for info sessions during first week of class

  • Read student applications

  • Read and respond to student email inquiries

  • Work on website/other major FemSex projects

APPLICATIONS ARE DUE THURSDAY, MAY 1st by 3pm in GenEq (202 Cesar Chavez) in the Femsex mailbox!


*Including the information in the chart on the first page*

What Happens After You Turn in Your Application

Phase 1: Paper Applications

After you submit your application, it will go under a review process, happening  May 2-4. During this process, the current Femsex facilitators will review all the applications, and select anywhere from 7-10 applicants to return for an interview.  You should be contacted by one of the current facilitators by 11:59pm on Sunday, May 4th

Phase 2: Interviews

The interviews will be happening May 5-6.  When you are contacted after Phase 1, you will be told how to go about scheduling yourself for an interview.

Phase 3: Final Selections

After the interview process, the final decisions will be made within the next two days, and all interviewees will be contacted regarding the final facilitator selection.  Please keep in mind that there are three outcomes which can result from being offered an interview.

  1. Femsex Facilitator:  With this option we will ask you to commit to the program for Spring 2014 (and hopefully longer)!

  2. Femsex Facilitator Alternate:  With this option, we unfortunately cannot offer you a position, but in case anyone who we chose ends up being unable to fulfill their commitment, we may ask you to step in like the rockstar that you are.

  3. Prized Applicant:  While we cannot offer you a position for Spring 2014; we value all the effort of going through the process, and hope that you will continue to be a part of the femsex family in the future.

Closing Thoughts

This may all sound really scary right now, but PLEASE don’t let it stop you from applying to facilitate.  Facilitation is an AMAZING experience and is totally worth all the stress of applying – we promise! In fact, just applying to facilitate can be a really awesome experience itself.

We’d really also like to stress that if an application isn’t chosen, it’s not because it’s a bad application.  In fact, the majority, if not all of these applications are PHENOMENAL (no joke), and the decision making process is long and gut-wrenching for the current facilitators.  So please give as much of yourselves as you can, because the more we know about you, the more informed our decision process will be!

We can’t wait to consider all of your applications!


Facilitator Application

Spring 2014

Personal Information


Year in School:

Phone Number:

When did you take FemSex?:  




Expected Month/Year of graduation:  

Who were your Facilitators?:

Other Academic Interests or Minors:

Time Commitments

1) Are you a student? If so, how many units/classes will you be taking next semester?

2) What other activities will you be involved in next semester (including jobs) and about how many hours a week will they take?

3) How long do you foresee being able to/wanting to commit to facilitating FemSex (number of semesters)? For the longevity of our program, it is most helpful for facilitators to stay with the program for at least two semesters. That being said, we still highly encourage anyone with interest to apply, as this will not be the sole factor in our decision-making process. We have had some incredible one-semester wonders before.

4) As a facilitator, you will be required to attend a short orientation Thursday, May 8 from 7-9pm, and be in Berkeley Aug. 22-24 for a Facilitator Retreat.  You will also be required to collaborate with other facilitators over summer break to prepare for the next semester.

Please initial here that you have read the above and can commit to the above time requirements if chosen as a facilitator _______.

Short Answer Questions

On a separate sheet of paper please answer the following as clearly as possible and concisely as possible...

1. What aspects of your background and/or identity would contribute uniquely to FemSex (i.e., family background, race/ethnicity, class, sexuality, religion, disability, politics, etc)? How would these experiences contribute to the diversity in the facilitator group and in the classroom?

2.Briefly tell us why you would like to facilitate this class and why you feel you would be a good facilitator?

3. What do you feel the main purpose/focus of the FemSex course is?

4. What experiences/knowledge do you have that would benefit the FemSex curriculum? Feel free to include any knowledge outside of class that you have on any FemSex sections/topics.

5. Do you have prior experience teaching or facilitating? Please give detailed examples from your life that highlight particular skills that you think would be beneficial to the facilitator space and classroom.  

6. Do you have any reservations about facilitating your peers, and if so, how do you foresee navigating those concerns?

7. What ideas do you have for improving the FemSex Program?  Please include any ideas you have for facilitation, class content, the reader, speakers, films, discussion topics, diversity, fundraising, or any other new learning tools.

8. How do you imagine your privileges affecting your role as a facilitator in the facilitator group and in the classroom? Considering that FemSex is a herstorically a womyn-oriented space, how do you imagine your gender identity will affect the space and your ability to facilitate?

9. What do you foresee being the most difficult section for you personally and how do you feel about facilitating that section?

10. What parts of facilitating FemSex make you most excited?  

~Thank You!~